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Holašovice Historic Village

Holašovice, Südböhmen, Czechia

Holašovice is an exceptionally complete and well-preserved example of a traditional central European village. It has a large number of outstanding 18th- and 19th-century vernacular buildings in a style known as 'South Bohemian folk Baroque', and preserves a ground plan dating from the Middle Ages. The historic village of Holašovice is a small village in South Bohemia, about 30 kilometres southeast of České Budějovice. It is a popular destination for visitors who want to get an insight into Czech culture and history.

The village was founded in the 13th century and underwent a number of changes over the centuries. In the 18th century, the village experienced a wave of prosperity when it was able to function as a trading centre and destination for artists and craftsmen. In the 19th century, the village became a centre of Czech nationalism.

Today Holašovice is a charming village that is a national cultural monument. It is an example of the traditional village design of South Bohemia and the houses are typically Czech. There are many old buildings dating from the 18th and 19th centuries that have been restored in recent years.

There are some sights in Holašovice that should not be missed. There is a museum of traditional crafts and a number of churches dating back to the 16th century. There are also some beautiful gardens and parks where you can enjoy nature.

Overall, Holašovice is a beautiful village that offers an insight into Czech culture and history. It is a must for any visitor who wants to get a deep connection to the country's history and culture.