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Historic Centre of Cordoba

Córdoba, Spain

Cordoba's period of greatest glory began in the 8th century after the Moorish conquest, when some 300 mosques and innumerable palaces and public buildings were built to rival the splendours of Constantinople, Damascus and Baghdad. In the 13th century, under Ferdinand III, the Saint, Cordoba's Great Mosque was turned into a cathedral and new defensive structures, particularly the Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos and the Torre Fortaleza de la Calahorra, were erected. , Spain

The Historic Centre of Cordoba, Spain is an important centre of culture and a beautiful example of the rich history and influence of the Arab heritage on the city. The ancient city was founded in the eighth century and was a major trading city in the Muslim world. Even today, the ancient Arab heritage can be seen in many parts of the historic centre.

The historic centre is a masterpiece of Islamic heritage and houses many important monuments, including the Mezquita, one of the best preserved Islamic mosques. This mosque was built in the ninth century and houses an impressive dome and a beautiful courtyard.

The historic centre is also home to other attractions such as the Calahorra Castle, an ancient Roman wall, the synagogue and the unique bullring. The historic centre is also the perfect place to admire the beautiful Spanish architecture, including Baroque and Renaissance style buildings.

The Historical Centre of Cordoba is an unforgettable experience. Here tourists can experience the city's rich history and culture and enjoy its unique monuments and sights. It is a must for anyone visiting the beautiful city of Córdoba.