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Big Pit - Blaenavon Industrial Landscape

Blaenavon, Wales

Big Pit National Coal Museum (Welsh: Pwll Mawr Amgueddfa Lofaol Cymru) is an industrial heritage museum in Blaenavon, Torfaen, Wales. A working coal mine from 1880 to 1980, it was opened to the public in 1983 as a charitable trust called the Big Pit (Blaenavon) Trust. By 1 February 2001 Big Pit Coal Museum was incorporated into the National Museum and Galleries of Wales as the National Mining Museum of Wales. The site is dedicated to operational preservation of the Welsh heritage of coal mining, which took place during the Industrial Revolution. Located adjacent to the preserved Pontypool and Blaenavon Railway, Big Pit is part of the Blaenavon Industrial Landscape, a World Heritage Site, and an Anchor Point of the European Route of Industrial Heritage. The area around Blaenavon is evidence of the pre-eminence of South Wales as the world's major producer of iron and coal in the 19th century. All the necessary elements can still be seen - coal and ore mines, quarries, a primitive railway system, furnaces, workers' homes, and the social infrastructure of their community. Big Pit in Blaenavon is a unique experience. It is a unique museum that tells the history and technology of coal mining. The museum is located in a former commercial coal mine that opened in 1860. It is one of the few mines in Britain still in operation today. Big Pit is a unique and educational experience.

The museum is a living monument to the coal industry, telling the story of mining in vivid colour. It offers insights into mining technology of the past and present. Through the interactive exhibitions in the museum, visitors can experience the history of mining first hand. They can learn about the old tools and techniques that were used in the past.

Big Pit is a place where visitors can experience the history of mining in a unique way. It is an ideal destination for families and school groups. It offers a fun and educational experience that will be remembered for a lifetime.