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The Dolomites - Dolomiten

Toblach, Italy

The Tre Cime di Lavaredo (Italian for 'Three Peaks of Lavaredo'; pronounced [ˌtre tˈtʃiːme di lavaˈreːdo]), also called the Drei Zinnen (German for 'Three Merlons'); pronounced [ˌdʁaɪ ˈtsɪnən] ), are three distinctive battlement-like peaks, in the Sexten Dolomites of northeastern Italy. They are probably one of the best-known mountain groups in the Alps. The three peaks, from east to west, are: Cima Piccola / Kleine Zinne ("little peak") Cima Grande / Große Zinne ("big peak") Cima Ovest / Westliche Zinne ("western peak").The peaks are composed of well-layered dolomites of the Dolomia Principale (Hauptdolomit) formation, Carnian to Rhaetian in age, as are many other groups in the Dolomites (e.g., the Tofane, the Pelmo or the Cinque Torri). Until 1919 the peaks formed part of the border between Italy and Austria-Hungary. Now they lie on the border between the Italian provinces of South Tyrol and Belluno and still are a part of the linguistic boundary between German-speaking and Italian-speaking majorities. The Cima Grande has an elevation of 2,999 metres (9,839 ft). It stands between the Cima Piccola, at 2,857 metres (9,373 ft), and the Cima Ovest, at 2,973 metres (9,754 ft). The site of the Dolomites comprises a mountain range in the northern Italian Alps, numbering 18 peaks which rise to above 3,000 metres and cover 141,903 ha. It features some of the most beautiful mountain landscapes anywhere, with vertical walls, sheer cliffs and a high density of narrow, deep and long valleys. A serial property of nine areas that present a diversity of spectacular landscapes of international significance for geomorphology marked by steeples, pinnacles and rock walls, the site also contains glacial landforms and karst systems. It is characterized by dynamic processes with frequent landslides, floods and avalanches. The property also features one of the best examples of the preservation of Mesozoic carbonate platform systems, with fossil records. The Three Peaks in Dobbiaco are one of the most famous sights of the Dolomite Mountains in Italy. Also known as the Three Peaks, Three Peaks of Dobbiaco or Three Peaks of the Dolomites, they are one of the most beautiful viewpoints in the Dolomites.

The Three Peaks are located in the Sesto Dolomites, part of the Dolomite mountain range in South Tyrol, Italy. They are a popular destination for mountain hikers and climbers and offer spectacular views of the surrounding mountains and valleys.

The Three Peaks consist of three rock formations known as the Plattkofel, Langkofel and Dreischusterspitze. The Plattkofel is the highest elevation of the Three Peaks, with a height of 2,999 metres. The Langkofel is the second highest peak, with an altitude of 2,973 metres, followed by the Dreischusterspitze with an altitude of 2,973 metres.

The Three Peaks are a popular destination for mountain hikers and climbers, and many people come every year to enjoy the spectacular views of the surrounding mountains and valleys. There are also a number of hiking trails that connect the Three Peaks.

The Three Peaks are a symbol of South Tyrol and a symbol of love for nature. They are a must for anyone who wants to experience the beauty of the Dolomites.