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Le Colline del Prosecco di Conegliano e Valdobbiadene

Valdobbiadene, Italy

Valdobbiadene (Italian: [ˌvaldobˈbjaːdene]; Venetian: Valdobiàden) is a town and comune (municipality) in the province of Treviso, Veneto, Italy. Valdobbiadene is a wine growing area: located below the Alpine-Dolomite areas of Veneto, the climate allows the cultivation of the Glera variety of grape. The Conegliano Valdobbiadene area is the home of the best Prosecco, an extra dry sparkling white wine. Prosecco brands that derive from this area include Altaneve, Bisol, Mionetto, Col Vetoraz, Coda, Valdo and others. On 7 July 2019, Le Colline del Prosecco di Conegliano e Valdobbiadene was inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Located in north-eastern Italy, the property includes part of the winegrowing landscape of the Prosecco wine production area. The landscape is characterized by ‘hogback’ hills, ciglioni – small plots of vines on narrow grassy terraces – forests, small villages and farmland. For centuries, this rugged terrain has been shaped and adapted by man. Since the 17th century, the use of ciglioni has created a particular chequerboard landscape consisting of rows of vines parallel and vertical to the slopes. In the 19th century, the bellussera technique of training the vines contributed to the aesthetic characteristics of the landscape. The Prosecco hills between Conegliano and Valdobbiadene in Valdobbiadene are one of the most famous wine regions in Italy. This region is famous for its excellent Prosecco wine, harvested from the region's vineyards.

The hilly landscape is full of greenery that stretches across the hills. The view is breathtaking - you can see vineyards, villages, churches and castles on the hills. It is a wonderful landscape to simply admire.

The wine grown here is unique and of the highest quality. The vineyards are full of green grapes that are made into the delicious Prosecco. The wine is exported all over the world and is a delicacy for many people.

The area is also famous for its culture and the many sights to discover. There are many churches, castles, old buildings and much more to visit. This area is also known for its delicious restaurants that serve regional cuisine.

When you travel to Italy, be sure to visit the Prosecco hills between Conegliano and Valdobbiadene. It is a wonderful place that will enchant you with its beautiful landscape and unique wines.