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Gardens and Castle at Kroměříž

Kroměříž, Czechia

Kroměříž stands on the site of an earlier ford across the River Morava, at the foot of the Chriby mountain range which dominates the central part of Moravia. The gardens and castle of Kroměříž are an exceptionally complete and well-preserved example of a European Baroque princely residence and its gardens. The garden and chateau of Kroměříž are a true masterpiece of the Prague School of landscape architecture. The chateau garden is a unique blend of French and English garden styles, created in the late eighteen hundreds.

The garden was opened in 1803 by the famous Prague town planner Jan Koula and offers a unique combination of magnificent flowerbeds, large meadows and a variety of trees. One of the main features of the garden is the imposing Baroque garden, built on an elongated island in the moat.

The Kroměříž Chateau is a magnificent example of Baroque architecture and offers a number of architectural treasures. The chateau's magnificent main square is an imposing sight and was laid out in the 18th century in the style of a French Baroque garden. The castle's interiors are also an impressive example of Prague Baroque artistry and offer visitors a glimpse into the rich culture of the time.

The Kroměříž garden and chateau are a fantastic example of the Prague School of landscape architecture and offer visitors a wonderful combination of picturesque landscapes, Baroque architecture and magnificent garden art. Visitors can experience the incredible beauty of the Kroměříž Garden and Chateau and be enthralled by the many wonderful sights.