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Jewish Quarter and St Procopius' Basilica in Třebíč

Třebíč, Böhmisch-Mährische Höhe, Czechia

The ensemble of the Jewish Quarter, the old Jewish cemetery and the Basilica of St Procopius in Třebíč are reminders of the co-existence of Jewish and Christian cultures from the Middle Ages to the 20th century. The Jewish Quarter bears outstanding testimony to the different aspects of the life of this community. St Procopius' Basilica, built as part of the Benedictine monastery in the early 13th century, is a remarkable example of the influence of Western European architectural heritage in this region. The Jewish quarter and St. Prokop's Basilica in Třebíč, Bohemian-Moravian Heights, are a beautiful example of the remarkable culture and rich Jewish and Christian faith once found in this region.

The Jewish quarter, also known as the Ghetto, is a living testimony to the history of this area. It was built in the 17th century in the heart of Třebíč and was once the centre of Jewish life in the region. Schools, synagogues, cultural centres, craft workshops and other facilities that served the community were located here. Many of the old buildings still stand today and tell the story of this unique Jewish community.

St. Prokop's Basilica from the 12th century is another remarkable monument in Třebíč. It is a Romanesque basilica built in the 18th century. The church is famous for its unique architectural design and beautiful mosaics. It is a living testimony to the rich religious traditions of the region.

The Jewish quarter and St. Prokop's Basilica in Třebíč are a wonderful example of the unique culture and rich faith once found in this region. They are an important part of the country's history and culture and a must-see for anyone who wants to gain an insight into the past.